Lois Geller Direct Marketing Success Plan  
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LGMG DM Course

Sometimes we feel more like a Direct Marketing School than an agency.

We teach direct marketing in our spare time. (The big idea is that when direct marketing is done right, it can’t fail. We work hard to explain the hows and whys of doing it right with live examples.)

We’ve taught Direct Marketing all over the US and Canada with side trips to Sweden, Russia and Turkey … in headquarters of different companies and organizations, at conventions and seminars and in colleges and universities. It didn’t just happen; we practiced for a long time.

Lois ran the main DM course at New York University for 10 years (Mike taught Creative, Strategic Planning and DM Math.) Prior to 9/11, they also taught the NYU course to American Express marketing managers several times a year at their New York City headquarters across the street from the World Trade Center.

A few years ago, we developed a traveling version of the NYU course and called it DM Boot Camp. Usually it’s tailored to for the specific needs of the company requesting the training. We offer it in two day and one-day versions; the one-day is more intense.

In the Fall of 2008, we added another version called DM Express which, if you’re interested, involves a thorough review of your DM program followed by our best practices recommendations. We run DM Express online and over the phone.