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Books by Lois Geller

Response! The Complete Guide to Profitable Direct Marketing
Marketing experts know that Direct Marketing is the single most effective way to sell products and services. It is the only form of marketing that is testable, trackable, and when done the right way, always profitable. Lois K. Geller, a leading Direct Marketing expert, shares the latest tips and techniques, plus Direct Marketing in the age of the Internet.

Response offers all marketers, in any size company, a strategy for creating and sustaining a profitable Direct Marketing program - both on – and off-line.

Leading the reader through this program of planning, budgeting, forecasting, testing, building lists, choosing suppliers, selling overseas, and developing loyal customers, Geller explains how to create profitable direct mail packages, print ads television and radio commercials, inbound and outbound telemarketing, and more.

Plus, she shows how all these strategies can be applied to Internet direct marketing, including loyalty programs, online catalogs, fulfillment and customer service, and more.

With scores of up-to-date examples drawn from companies large and small, including Ford Motor Company, American Express, and 1-800-Flowers, plus an updated glossary and resource guide, this Revised Edition of Response will be the authoritative source for Direct Marketing Strategies and Techniques.

Sold! Direct Marketing
for the Real Estate ProSOLD! is about using the PROVEN PROFITABLE TECHNIQUES of Direct Marketing to develop and grow relationships with people … with hundreds, even thousands of people, each of whom will buy and sell two, three, four or more homes in their lifetimes.

And they will use your services for all that buying and selling because they will know who you are, trust you, rely on you and turn to you first. How you get to that point is what this book is all about.

There are 12 chapters in SOLD! plus an enthusiastic Foreword by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, along with a Glossary and a detailed Resource Directory.
Here’s what you’ll learn:

• People, not Prospects
• Why Direct Marketing will Build your Business
• The Big real Estate Offer & the Little DM Offer
• Identifying Prime Sellers and Buyers?
• Your Real Estate Website
• The Gold in your Database
• DM Creative: the Right Words & Visuals
• Direct Marketing Advertising
• Planning
• DM Math (figuring out how much to spend)
• The Successful real estate marketer
• New Creative Approaches

Customers For Keeps
This book WILL MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE! If you sell 8 properties a year now, you will soon be selling 10, then 12. If you run a real estate organization and your brokers sell 25 properties a month, they will soon be selling 30!

Today’s retail marketplace is a vast sea of products, services, and wannabe brands. But even the catchiest slogans and biggest selections won’t capture the buyers loyalty if they don’t establish a personal “connection.” And there’s no closer connection than friendship.

Author and entrepreneur Lois K. Geller has found a surefire way to raise your brand above the others. Her philosophy – so simple and yet so powerful – is Friendship Branding. Customers for Keeps reveals the eight stages of Friendship Branding that will put your company on your customers’ “most wanted” list.

This groundbreaking work tears down the old definition of branding. Instead of simply creating a physical image or mental association of a product or service in the customer’s mind, companies can now brand themselves in such a way so they thought they were thought of as trusted friends. Remember, every customer worth getting is worth keeping. Customers for Keeps shows you why a friendship between customer and company is not only preferable in today’s marketplace – it’s vital.

Direct Marketing Techniques
The object of this hands-on book is to explain what direct marketing is, and how it can become an effective tool for a business of any size to use to develop and expand. Today’s direct marketing involves a wide variety of media. Learning to use each of these approaches appropriately is the key.

To succeed at direct marketing you must have an understanding of your own business and how it can benefit from direct marketing. Once you have a direction this book will help you clarify your objectives, choose your strategy and tactics, and help you design a marketing plan. You can then create a direct mail package or direct response ad that is right for you.