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Joy of Direct Marketing

by Lois Geller

Oh friends, not these tones!
Let us raise our voices in more
pleasing and more joyful sounds!

That’s the English translation of Frederich von Schiller’s opening lyric for Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. On a slightly lesser scale, it’s how our President Lois Geller thinks of Direct Marketing when it works, which, fortunately, it does 100% of the time when it’s done right. She talks about marketing ideas with live examples in her popular Joy of Direct Marketing blog.

Guts of a Burglar

by Mike McCormick

Creative Director Mike McCormick is a very simple man.  All he cares about in direct marketing is what works. Usually that involves clear thinking, plain English, speaking to the prospect (instead of the client) and understanding that the most brilliant DM creative is useless without the right lists and offer. Direct Marketing creative takes guts, the Guts of a Burglar.